Coquitlam Medical Laser & Skin Care Clinic


Welcome to Coquitlam Medical Laser & Skincare Clinic

Coquitlam Medical Laser & Skincare Clinic Incorporation specializes in medical laser treatment for whole face and body. We are a professional facility providing state-of-the-art technology and superior quality service by acquiring the best and latest technology in the cosmetic and aesthetic market. The needs of our clients are our highest priority. Coquitlam Medical Laser & Skincare Clinic is the most up-to-date aesthetic medical clinic in the Tri-cities. It was created out of the passion for aesthetic industry combined with a love of customer service.

When you come to Coquitlam Medical Laser & Skincare Clinic, you’ve stepped into an extremely unique facility. Unlike other cosmetic institutions that offer both surgical and nonsurgical treatment, we focus solely on nonsurgical methods for helping patients achieve their cosmetic goals for their whole body. From routine facials to comprehensive laser treatment, Botox and Fillers – everything you need is under one roof. By focusing only on nonsurgical treatment, we know how to do it right. Your treatment is overseen by a team that has worked in the nonsurgical cosmetic industry for years. That being said, we have every reason to believe that you won’t find a more exceptional group to help you find the cosmetic excellence you deserve.

Coquitlam Medical Laser Clinic offers what other cosmetic centers cannot – a focused approach to nonsurgical techniques that helps patients restore their youth, add glow to their skin, or find an overall refreshed appearance. With among the most effective laser treatments, skin care and injections, Coquitlam Medical Laser Clinic helps countless people look their best. All the laser machines we use is FDA and Health Canada approved. They are one of the most effective and fastest laser machines with the newest technology in the market especially for permanent fat reudction or non-invasive lipolysis and all skin treatments.


Heidi Harsini

Licensed Medical Laser & Skincare Specialist

M.Sc. in Quality Systems Management

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Celebrity Beauty Expert, Heidi Harsini, works in our practice as a director, Licensed Medical Laser Technician and Certified Body Contouring Expert. Our practice is the world’s leading authority on SculpSure, and Heidi is credited for much of this success. She is dedicated to improving her patients’ overall appearance from head to toe and thrives on making people feel more confident as a result.

Heidi’s extensive knowledge of skincare products and procedures will ensure THE BEST treatment and result available in our industry. With lots of experiences, you can rely on Heidi to deliver personalized and consistent visible results.

She also has been trained here in Canada by one of the highly respected college in the aesthetic industry. She is passionate about skin care and helping her clients achieve superior results.

Dr. Benjamin Kabiri

CEO & Co-Founder

Dr. Benjamin Kabiri’s professional opinion, technical approach, and concept of modern natural beauty makes him one of the brightest minds in medical aesthetics today.

Dr. Benjamin is a dentist by training and is formally trained in facial aesthetics. His approach towards facial aesthetics is unique and its foundations lie in the key pillars of synergy, efficacy, reproduciblity, sustainability and safety.

With a professional and friendly approach, he understands the subtle relationship between looking one’s best and feeling one’s best and is acutely aware of the power of perception and it’s significant contribution to the client’s overall feeling of wellness.

Dr. Kabiri is an energetic entrepreneur who is committed to providing the highest levels of care and service in aesthetic services.