Coquitlam Medical Laser & Skin Care Clinic

Stretch Mark & Vein Removal

Stretch marks (also called striae) are caused by rapid stretching of the skin that results in tearing of the dermis (below the skin surface). There have been no successful treatments until the development of fractional laser technologies which can repair the tear without burning a hole in the skin. At CML, we have all the latest fractional laser technologies that are safe on all skin types to improve the appearance of stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Treatment

Stretch marks (striae) represent a linear scar in the dermis (mid-skin) and thinning of the epidermis (overlying skin). Similar to scars, a series of treatments with cutting-edge fractional lasers can improve the appearance of stretch marks by thickening the skin and repairing the tissue. Not all patients respond to the treatments equally, so a consultation will determine if you are a good candidate.